Sinatra Portfolio Project

After basing my first project on my love of Star Wars, I decided to base the second, the Sinatra project, on another thing close to my heart, my cats. My wife and I have two, Bronx and Coco Villanelle. They’re not related, but they act like young siblings—one moment, they’re cozying up to one another on the bed; the next, we’ll find them roughhousing like little wrestlers.

My wife and I travel quite a bit, so we often have to find temporary homes for Bronx and Coco Villanelle, and we use a service that schedules everything through phone calls and emails—a little outdated in today’s app-dominated world. With that in mind, I decided my project would be a pet-sitting scheduler app!


Ok, let’s take a look at what kind of models our app will have. First, we have to have Users, because, well, people have to be able to login and use the app! And I’m actually going to have to kinds of Users, Owners and Sitters. Here, I’ve made them subclasses of Users, because there’s a lot of functionality they share.

Next, we have Pets. Just as in the real world, a Pet belongs_to an Owner, and an Owner has_many Pets. I know some people have just one pet, but they’re really missing out.

And finally, we have Appointments. Representing scheduled pet-sitting sessions, an Appointment belongs_to both a Pet and a Sitter.


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