The end is here

Ok, I have finally reached the end of the Flatiron School curriculum, and I’ve saved my last of seven FS blog posts to commemorate the occasion.

Looking back, it’s been a great journey and I’m amazed at how many new things I’ve learned and the range of skills I’ve picked up. I’d say I’m pretty happy with this list of knowledge I’ve acquired:

  • ACE Computer Camp
    • BASIC
    • Java
    • C++
  • Stanford University
    • Java (cont’d) – algorithms and data structures
    • C – machine architecture (registers, I/O, basic assembly language), memory models (pointers, memory allocation, data representation), compilation (stack frames, semantic analysis, code generation)
    • Systems (processes, file systems, networking)
    • Mathematical Foundations of Computing
  • Flatiron School
    • HTML and CSS
    • Ruby (procedural and OO, Sinatra, Rails)
    • SQL, ORM
    • JavaScript (React, Redux)

And proud of my portfolio projects:

  • Star Wars Comics
    A command-line interface for exploring Wookieepedia’s list of canon Star Wars comics.
  • PetSitter
    A proof-of-concept app for scheduling sitters for your pets!
  • Subway Scheduler
    Again, a proof-of-concept app for storing your favorite addresses in New York City and for finding the best public-transit route between them. Uses Google Maps’ Directions API.
  • Subway Scheduler (JS)
    The same as the last one, now with JavaScript. Dynamically changing pages, oh my!
  • NYC Renters’ Toolkit
    All the information a renter needs about their home in New York, all in one place. Uses the vast trove of publically available data at NYC Open Data.

I was particularly happy with the last project, which combined all I’d learned at Flatiron with my passion—gleaned from my wife, who represents low-income people in the Bronx in their eviction proceedings—for keeping people safe and happy in their homes. I was emotional when I received the following tweets from Finley Bomer-Lawsome (former Business Development at Flatiron) and Avi Flombaum (Co-Founder, Dean, and Chief Product Officer there):